Home Staging FAQ

What Is Home Staging?

Home staging involves designing a home’s interior and layout to appeal to target buyers. It should be viewed like any other property investment, where the ultimate goal is to maximize ROI. Effective home staging takes design and real estate expertise, objectivity, and the right inventory of furniture and accessories. One of the biggest secrets to marketing real estate is understanding that price and home presentation are directly related. Great staging tell buyers a story about the beautiful lifestyle associated with purchasing a home. While we can talk your ears off about fixtures, paint colors, and other home improvements, professional home staging is often the #1 investment a seller can make (and it isn’t as expensive as you might think).

Why Stage?

Because it sells homes at higher prices with less time on market. A recent survey from Home Staging Resource found that 85% of 4,200 professionally staged homes sold for 6-25% more than unstaged homes in the same market. Studies from the Real Estate Staging Association found that that staged homes spent 73% less time on market than their unstaged counterparts. After all, Bethany only made the jump from sellers’ agent to stager because it was her staging that was selling all her listings.

Why Twin Cities Staging?

Because we have the unique combination of real estate and design expertise that makes us great at what we do. Additionally, we maintain an extensive staging inventory to ensure we have the right tools for the job. You can check out our portfolio to see the impact of our staging for yourself, or read our reviews to hear it from our clients.

How much does staging cost?

We price based on the amount of furniture and accessories we’ll be installing in your home. We charge moving and design fees, in addition to a monthly rental fee. A typical package costs less than 1% of the list price, however, we do have a minimum. For vacant listings, we typically stage the master bedroom, living room, dining room, and one or two additional rooms (such as an additional bedroom, office, or family room). We believe in making staging accessible to homeowners at all price points.